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Locks and Handles

With Corporate and personal security being of paramount importance in todays modern office, we offer a large selection of locks and handles. Each cupboard with tall doors comes complete with a three point espagnolette locking mechanism and a turn handle. Our smaller doors and lockers have a striking plate and turn handle.
We can also source a large range of shaped handles such as 'T' Bar and 'D' handles. There is an excellent selection of combination locks to suit all sorts of environments.
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Range of Accessories - for Standard MFC Range - 500mm deep >


Plain Steel Shelf
A plain steel shelf that has been designed with strength and flexibility in mind. The shelf has a capacity of 60kgs and can have a rail fitted afterwards to change it to a combination that stores lateral files underneath.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Slotted Steel Shelf + Dividers
A versatile shelf that has slots in the front and back so a divider 170mm high can be located and adjusted every 25mm along the shelf.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Combination Shelf
The plain steel shelf as on the left but with an adjustable rail fitted underneath. The rail can simply be adjusted to store either 276mm or 330mm lateral files.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Lateral filing Frame
A simple lateral filing frame that has filing bars that adjust to suit lateral files 276 and 330mm.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Roll Out filing Frame
A fully extending roll out suspension filing frame. Designed to suit foolscap files stored left to right across the cradle. For front facing foolscap or A4 files, use a pair of front to back filing bars.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Drop In Deep Bin
Roll ou fililng frame complete with heavy duty steel bin that makes versatile storage of suspension file, lever arch or box file as well as loose items.
Pair of front to back filing bars(FSB) and anti-tilt mechanism per frame(ATM) are available.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Drop In Slotted Shallow Drawer
Roll out filing frame complete with heavy duty shallow steel bin that fits within the standard roll out filing, the drawer is slotted to take front to back dividers, making it ideal for storing digital media such as CDs etc. Dividers(SDDIV) for the slotted drawer are available .

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


CD Organiser Inserts
Using our ribbed insert in the bottom of the shallow drawer, you can keep cd's tidy and easy to flip through to find the one you want.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Roll Out Reference Shelf
A pull out shelf to carry out work at the source of reference eliminating lost or misplaced documents.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Free Standing Divider
Simple steel divider that clips on to the front edge of our steel shelf and then moved in to any position along the shelf.
The divider is 200mm high.


Letter Rack
A modular system with slide out tryas for leaflet or letter storage, each tray can be labelled as well as having a safety catch to stop the each tray accidentally being pulled out.

Widths(mm) 1000,800


Half and Full height Piegeon Holes
A pigeon hole unit that has either 24(HPH) or 36(FPH) compartments that fit straight into a half/full height open alcove.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800


Fixed Garment Rail
A chrome oval rail fixed across a cupboard.

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800,600,500,400


Slide Out Garment Rail
A pull out garment rail with MFC above.

25mm for 800,1000 and 1200mm
18mm for 400,500 and 600mm

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800,600,500,400


Garment Protectors
Prevents garment being trapped in hinges.


MFC Shelf
Light grey melamine shelf.

25mm for 800,1000 and 1200mm
18mm for 400,500 and 600mm

Widths(mm) 1200,1000,800,600,500,400